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Jun 22

How to calculate lift measure– part II

Lift measures describe the models through the prism of profits which is easily understandable to the management and business users that the model should be applied. Measure lift determines how the model is better than the absence of models and worse than the best model, but does not tell us how many events (“hits”) we …

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Jun 10

How to calculate lift measure – part I

Suppose you’ve hired consultants to create a predictive model which predict that some event will occur and the result their work is function of model and you have to implement it as scalar or CLR function in your RDBMS. f(X1,X2,..Xn): RxRx…xR -> (0,1)

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Mar 02

Uvod u Azure Machine Learning na SQL Server UG februara 2015-te

Tanja Vukov nije neko ko iza sebe ima godine rada na administriranju MS SQL Server-a. Naprotiv, ona o tome ne zna ništa. Tanja Vukov, je s druge strane, neko ko je izuzetno kompetentan u oblastima svoje stručne ekspertize ali je takođe i neko ko zna da izuzetno dobro upotrebi Microsoft tehnologije za ono što joj je …

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